EM-Tec MV22 combined compact vise (0-22mm) plus multi pin stub holder, pin



Vise type sample holders are quick and easy to use. They hold the sample by clamping it between the moving jaws, this enables quick sample loading and reduces down time. They especially useful when similar samples or series of the same sample need to be examined. Using a vise sample holder is easier, quicker and cleaner than using conductive adhesives or glue. A vise clamps the sample and provides the rigidity needed for high resolution imaging.

EM-Tec MV22 combined compact vise holder (0-22mm) plus multi pin stub holder for up to 5 standard 12.7mm pin stubs. This cost-effective multi holder has been designed for table top SEMs and SEMs with smaller specimen stages. One fixed jaw and spindle drive to move other jaw. Made from vacuum grade aluminium, brass spindle and stainless steel screws.


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