An Embedding/Cell Growing Film – ACLAR® UltRx 2000 Film

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ACLAR® is made from fluorinated-chlorinated resins. There are four basic film types–the homopolymer ACLAR® Rx Series, the copolymers ACLAR® 22A and 33C and the new ACLAR® Cx. (Honeywell/Allied Signal). The chemical make-up of all ACLAR® products provide an exceptional moisture barrier. ACLAR® is crystal clear, biochemically inert, highly resistant to most chemicals and sterilizable by heat or radiation. ACLAR® is used widely in pharmaceutical, medical, sensitive electronics and military packaging. ACLAR® 33C is a copolymer film consisting primarily of chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE). It offers an outstanding moisture barrier, excellent chemical resistance and minimal dimensional change (<2%), making it the best choice for use in microscopy. Aclar® UltRx 2000 is a 2.00 mil (51 micron) PCTFE homopolymer, high performance barrier film for the pharmaceutical and medical markets. It thermoforms well on conventional blister packaging equipment and provides the best barrier of any clear film. ACLAR® UltRx 2000 film is available in 2 (51µm) mil thickness and it is offered in a 11.69” x 8.27” sheet form with package quantities of 10 or 25.

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