Bio-Pure™ Sure-Footed Beakers

size : 250 ml

Unit : 50/pk


100% Biodegradable
– Sure-Footed – Innovative outer beaker base ensures stability with small volumes of liquid
– Biodegradable – Made from the same environmentally conscious Bio-PET as our Bio-Pure reservoirs
– Thermally Insulating – Air void allows beakers to hold liquid temperatures 30% longer than standard polypropylene beakers
– Unique Pipet Rest – Diametrically opposed grooves act as a pipet rest when not in use

Alternate Uses:
– The thermal retentive characteristics of the Sure-Footed Beaker allow it to be used as a small bucket for ice/dry ice
– Allow beaker to sink in a water bath by piercing or melting a ventilation hole in the beaker rim
– Beakers may be covered or piggybacked to increase thermal insulation


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