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Graphite is the stable form of carbon. Graphite is one of the softest; diamond is one of the hardest minerals known to man. Carbon is harder than graphite. For TEM and SEM applications, graphite is recommended.

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Name: Carbon
Symbol: C
Atomic number: 6
Atomic weight: 12.0107
Group number: :14
Period number 2
CAS I.D: 7440-44-0
Block: p-block
Specific gravity (graphite): 2.2 g/cm3
Specific gravity (diamond): 3.51 g/cm3
Specific gravity (amorphous): 1.88 g/cm3
m. p. sublimes: ~3550°C
Boiling point: 4200°C
Evaporation Temp (at which a substance has a vapor pressure of 1.33 x 10-2 mbar): 2400°C
Density: 1.85 g/cc
Shore Scleroscope Hardness: 45
Resistivity Ohms-in: 4.0 x 104
Ash Content <2 ppm
Flexural Strength: 8000 lb/in2
Porosity: 16.5%

Carbon/graphite films are most usable in TEM and SEM due to its value characteristics: uniformity amorphous and high transparent to electron beams. Because of low molecular weight and their unique structure (graphite have a sheet like structure, where the atoms all lie in a plane), carbon/graphite films have excellent mechanical stability, and even film thickness is about 1-2 nm.

Our carbon/graphite rods are CVP™ (Chemical Vapor Process) purity and spectrographic grade, grade 1, produced to ASTM tolerances or even tighter as well – we have a technical grade. The technical grade has a typical impurity level of 50ppm or greater. Technical grade may be used in applications of non critical SEM coating applications.

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