Chessy Test Specimen

The Chessy test specimen comprises more than 1.6 million gold squares on silicon which form a four-fold chequerboard pattern in an area of 5mm square. Overall Size of specimen is 10 mm x 10 mm


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The Structure There are more than 1.6 million gold squares of 1µ size on silicon forming a 4-fold checkerboard pattern in an area of 5 mm square. The smallest metric checkerboard has a size of 10 x 10µ. Such checkerboards form larger metric checkerboards of 100 x 100µ – These again form checkerboards of 1 mm square. Finally, such 1 mm squares are arranged in the same manner covering a field of 5 mm square. The edges of the empty corners in 0.1 and 1 mm checkerboards are additionally marked. The surrounding frame is 10µ wide and has an outer side length of 5.04 mm. The pattern was directly written by e-beam lithography using the new ZBA 31/32 from JENOPTIK. Applications Imaging – Calibration of SEM magnification in all ranges between 20x and 50,000x. – Check of equal scaling in X and Y – Check of orthogonality and distortion – Resolution test at high magnification on the edges of the gold squares Motorized Stages (especially for use with ESCOSY) – Measurement of reproducibility using stored position – Calibration of readings in X and Y – Calibration of stage orthogonality – Measurement of absolute positioning accuracy Experimental Electron Lithography (use with attachment ELPHY or PROXY-WRITER) – Generation of metric writing fields between 10µ and 5mm square via mark recognition and alignment – Measurement of SEM distortion at any magnification via mark recognition on different places – Check of defocusing in outer areas

Technical Data Sheet : Chessy_test_specimen


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