Circle Gridded Coverslip

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  • 25mm diameter.
  • Using #2 (0.17-0.25mm) thickness cover slips.
  • Unique grid pattern, numbered 1 to 200 squares, each 500µm width.
  • Suitable for insertion into most 6-well plates.
  • Adaptable to most microscope mounting plates.
  • Unique grid pattern, numbered from 1 to 200.
  • Facilitates observation of activity growing cells.

Reference: Lin, Lin-Fang and Frank H. Riddle, 1981. Photoengraving of Cover Slips and Slides to Facilitate Mounting of Micromanipulated Cells or Chromosome Spreads, Exp. Res. 134:485-488. Other references are available. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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