Converts Liquid Waste to Solid Waste for Easy Disposal

Convenient – Includes extra durable disposal bags, super absorbant LabSorb granules and a convenient graduated scoop.

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Prevents Spills – Reduces the possibility of accidentally spilling liquid waste in the lab. If spills do occur, use LabSorb for safe liquid containment during cleanup.*
Quick – Convert liquids to solids in seconds.
Adaptable – Apply to any volume of liquid waste including 500 ml, 600 ml, 1L and 2L vessels. jar of LabSorb can absorb up to 50 litres of liquid

.Versatile – LabSorb granules can rapidly absorb aqueous or mixed aqueous and organic solvent waste

All of us at Electron Microscopy Sciences are concerned for the safety and well being of the microscopy community. For this reason we highly 




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