CryoELITE® Cryogenic Vials, Pre-inserted Bar Codes

Same vial as CryoELITE® Cryogenic Vials Shelf Packs, with 2D Data Matrix Bar Code Insert. Provides unique identifier for traceability.

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– Unrivaled cap seal exceeds DOT and IATA regulations ensuring ultimate protection of samples during transportation and demanding freeze-thaw handling
– Made from low binding, cryogenic grade virgin polypropylene
– Lot certified RNase/DNase and Endotoxin Free providing assurance of product integrity
– Conical well design allows for precise sample retrieval from both automated and manual systems
– Loctagon™ Vial Skirt provides stability in freestanding position and locks into CryoELITE Benchmate Vial Rack in order to provide easy open and close with one hand
– Colored cap allows for color coding projects along with Wheaton colored freezer and storage boxes
– Writing Patch
– Sterile
– Packed in convenient smaller quantities
– 2 packs of 50 vials
– Size: 2 ml
– Dimensions: 12 mm Dia x 49 mm (H)

Technical Data Sheet : CryoELITE® Cryogenic Vials Shelf Packs

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