Cryo-Gel water soluble

– Replaces the messy “runny” embedding media. – Easy to use. – Sticks to where you want it. – Will not run – No waste.

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It is a highly viscous, water-soluble embedding medium for frozen sections that “stays put”. The gel is packaged in a pump-dispenser bottle that can instantly dispense the gel in any position. The dispenser has a built-in “guillotine” that cleanly severs the gel from the pump spouts and prevents any “stringy” medium from pulling away when the bottle is removed. To use, simply dispense gel on a room temperature block-holder. Use a cold heat extractor to form a base layer. Dispense additional gel. Place the tissue on top of the gel. Use a cold heat extractor to freeze tissue and form a block.

Technical Data Sheet : Cryo-Gel Water-Soluble Embedding Medium


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