Diethylene Glycol Distearate

Diethylene Glycol Distearate (DEGDS/DGD)

Diethylene glycol distearate as an embedding medium for high resolution light microscopy.

(Reversible Embedding Media)

DGD provides embedment free sections. It is a removable embedding resin for thin as well as thick sections.


Unit : 500 gm  

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Synonyms : DGD;   DEGDS;    DEGdistearate;    oxydiethane-1,;    PEG-2 DISTEARATE;DIGLYCOL STEARATE    ;diethylene stearate;    DIGLYCOL DISTEARATE;oxydiethane-1,2-diyl;DIETHYLENE GLYCOL STEARATE


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Diethylene Glycol Distearate is a white waxy solid at room temperature. Therefore, Fully melt DGD at 70°C prior to use. Filter it through Whatman #1 filter paper in order to remove particulate that may appear in molten DGD.

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1g, 10 tablets/pk, 20 tablets/pk


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