EM-Tec F25 FIB grid holder for up to 5 FIB grids, M4



The EM-Tec FIB grid holders are designed to hold FIB grids and provide easy access to the posts on the FIB grids to attach the milled FIB lift-out lamellae. The FIB grid holders can be used in the FIB/SEM systems but also for safe storage of the FIB grids with attached lamellae. The EM-Tec FIB grid and sample holders are compact holders which hold the FIB grids directly aside a standard SEM pin stub with a sample. The lift-out lamellas only need to be moved over a short distance to attach them to the FIB grids. The EM-Tec FIB grid holders are all precision machined from vacuum grade aluminium.

EM-Tec F25 is a wider FIB grid holder with a M4 threaded hole which can accommodate up to 5 FIB grids of the same thickness. The 25mm wide vise include a ledge for easy positioning of the FIB grids and two brass thumb screws to operate the vise.


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