Epo-Fix is an old product that has existed only in the metallographic

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Especially formulated for Material Science Epo-Fix is an old product that has existed only in the metallographic field until now. After extensive testing in our labs we have found that it is a perfect embedding media for a majority of material specimens. Until now, LR White has been the most commonly used embedding media for materials due to the block hardness it offered, but there are difficulties associated with LR White. For instance, the adherence to the specimen is poor and additives are required to improve its adherence. Another major problem is the inability to orient the specimen correctly in order to cut you block afterwards. This is due to the fact that LR White needs to be oxygen starved and gelatin capsules (vertical) are recommended by the manufacturer for use. Another problem is that polymerization time in the oven can take over 24 hours. Epo-Fix remedies all of these problems. It has very good sectioning properties, good adherence to the sample, very low viscosity, easy curing in molds (no orientation problems), and quick cure times. Epo-Fix Technical Data: A two component epoxy resin, characterized by negligible shrinkage during curing and good mechanical properties in its hardened state. It is particularly suited for embedding hard samples of complicated shape and for vacuum impregnation. Samples such as paper, silicon, ceramics, metals, wafers, and chips are suitable to be used with Epo-Fix. It has low viscosity, low vapour pressure, good wetting properties, and minimal shrinkage. It hardens at room temperature without significant generation of heat in approximately 8 hours (no damage from heat or pressure), and at increased temperatures, 60°C, the hardening time is reduced to 2 hours. It should be noted that if you place Epo-Fix in a desiccator during curing you will eliminate any air bubbles. Technical Data Sheet : Epofix Cold-Setting Embedding Resin MSDS_1232_A MSDS_1232_B

D1232 Kit consists of: 1kg resin 120gm hardener 15 cups 15 stirrers 1 x 5 ml and 20 ml syringes



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