EUKITT® Low-Viscosity UV-R Mounting Medium

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EUKITT UV-R has a lower viscosity that EUKITT UV, is fast spreading and compatible with almost all clearing agents like xylene, iso-paraffine, petroleum ether, limonenes, etc. In addition, it can be directly applied on sections from absolute EtOH or I-PrOH.
The ability to remove UV-R under classic conditions (24 hours xylene) is appealing for many applications. This product can be used manually or in cover slipping machines.


Refractive index n[20°C] 1.48
Curing time (UV light, 365nm, 1 watt) 60-120 seconds
No yellowing after long storage
No brittle fracture
Suitable for all tissue types
Shelf life of a 100-ml bottle at room temperature: 12 months

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