EUKITT® Neo Special Mounting Medium

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Highly viscous xylene free mounting medium.
– Faster drying for rapid results
– Higher viscosity than EUKITT Neo
– Neutral and colorless
– Long-term stability

EUKITT Neo Special is another xylene free product. EUKITT Neo Special is characterized by faster curing and slightly higher viscosity than EUKITT Neo. Users of EUKITT Classic will appreciate the xylene free replacement. The product retains crystal-clear optics, low fluorescence, favorable refractive index, good fluidity and low shrinkage properties. The preparations are stable without cracking and discoloration.
EUKITT Neo Special is colorless and does not change shape, structure or color of the material to be examined. The use of sustainable, renewable raw material as a solvent completes the modern formulation approach.
The pleasant odor facilitates working in the laboratory. Supplied in wide neck, unbreakable aluminum bottles. The product has a shelf life of 3 years.


Refractive index n[20°C] 1.48
Viscosity 500-750 mPa*s
Drying time 15 minutes
No yellowing after long storage
No brittle fracture
No self-fluorescence under UV light

Storage : RT


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100ml, 500ml


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