EUKITT® UV Mounting Medium

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EUKITT UV is the first mounting media of its kind to eliminate the need to be concerned about the vaport pressure of the solvent used.
EUKITT UV is a UV-curing mounting medium with all the well-known beneficial properties of the gold standard series EUKITT and a true innovation in the world of mounting. EUKITT UV does not contain any solvents, therefore only 50% of the usual amount is needed compared to conventional systems. While using EUKITT UV almost no shrinkage can be detected.
The mounting medium may be used on tissue sections in non-polar solvents such as xylene or xylene substitutes as well as directly on sections in pure alcohols (EtOH, iPrOH, etc.).
The viscosity of EUKITT UV is very user-friendly. After being applied to the tissue, the cover glass can be placed as usual. Subsequently, a transfer break of at least 120 sec. is maintained prior to irradiation in order to ensure an ideal penetration into the tissue.
When using the specially tuned LED CCFL UV curing machine EUKITT UV cures in just 30 seconds.

Refractive index n[20°C]  : 1.48
Viscosity : 350-550 mPa*s
Curing time : 10-30 seconds
No yellowing after long storage
No brittle fracture
Suitable for all tissue types
Shelf life of a 100-ml bottle at room temperature: 6 months

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