Foreline Traps

A quick change clamp for replacement of maze
A viton “O” ring end cap
A recessed screen
Available in five pipe diameters

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These rechargeable in-line traps effectively block oil backstreaming from mechanical pumps. Any mechanically pumped system, even one with a turbo pump, should have a foreline traps. The trap is placed in the foreline between the roughing pump and the diffusion or turbo pump. It uses a disposable, oxygen-free copper maze absorbent which requires no liquid nitrogen and will not hold water. Typically the maze is replaced every 1-2 years. The seamless body is available in aluminum.

Available in stainless steel upon special request.

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5 CFW, 10 CFW, 15 CFW

Pump Body diameter

2½", 3", 4"



Pipe Body diameter

½", ¾", 1", 1½", 1¾"


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