Gach Kit

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Kit consists of:

10 x 10 ml 50% EM grade Glutaraldehyde MSDS
10 x 1.5g carbohydrazide MSDS

storage RT

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Technical Tip

Preparation of Gelatin Adhesive
To prepare gelatin-chrome alum adhesive:
Dissolve 5g gelatin in 1000ml of distilled water. Warm up to 50°C and then add 0.5g of chromium potassium sulphate. To obtain good adherence, slides coated with this solution must be dried before mounting the sections.

INFO+: Un polymère d’enrobage retenant l’eau et les lipides pour l’EM. Excellente conservation des lipides et de l’ultrastructure.
Hechman, CA et al. (1973) J. Ultrastruct. Res. 42,156.


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