Glyoxal 3% Fixative, Ready to Use

Unit : 100 ml

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An alternative fixative to Formalin and Formaldehyde. EMS is proud to introduce an alternative to Formalin and Formaldehyde in many different applications. Our unique kit comes premixed and measured and ready to use. The kit consists of 2 vials: Solution A & Solution B (Absolute Ethanol, Glyoxal Solution, Acetic Acid and water).

Instructions: Add solution A to solution B. Vortex the two solutions together and bring to a pH of 4.5 with the addition of NaOH 1M. The solution needs to be used immediately once mixed.

References Sabatini DD. et al (1963) “The preservation of cellular ultrastructure and enzymatic activity by aldehyde fixation”. J. Cell Biology. 17:19-58 Janigan DT. et al (1965) “The effects of aldehyde fixation on acid phosphatase activity in tissue blocks”. J. Histochemistry. Cytochemistry. 13: 476-483 Dapson RW. et al (2006) “Glyoxal fixation and its relationship to immunocytochemistry.” J. Histotechnology. 29: 65-76 Dapson RW. Et al (2007) “Glyoxal fixation: how it works and why it only occasionally needs antigen retrieval” lnforma healthcare, Dapson & Dapson, LLC Richter K. et al (2018) “Glyoxal as an alternative to formaldehyde in immunostaining and super-resolution microscopy” The EMBO Journal. 37: 139-159

Storage : 2-8°C


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