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The M-Bond system includes M-Bond 43-B, M-bond 600 and M-Bond 610. These adhesives are high-performance epoxy resins, which are formulated especially for bonding strain gages and special-purpose sensors. When properly cured, these adhesives are useful in temperatures ranging from -452°F to +350°F (-269°C to +175°C) with M-Bond 43-B, and to +700°F (+370°C) for short periods with M-bond 600 and 610. In common with other organic materials, oxidation and sublimation effects at elevated temperatures limit life. M-Bond 43B is particularly recommended for transducer applications up to +250°F (+120°C) and M-Bond 610 for transducers up to +450°F (+230°C).

Shelf Life and Pot Life
At room temperature, M-Bond 600 has a useful storage life of approximately three months, while M-Bond 43-B and M-Bond 610 will last about nine months.
Once opened and mixed, M-Bond 600 and 610 have room temperature pot lives of two weeks and six weeks, respectively. Since M-Bond 43B is supplied already mixed, its pot life is about the same as its shelf life when kept in a tightly closed container. These periods of adhesive usefulness can often be doubled by refrigeration at +30° to +40°F (0 to +5°C). Never open a refrigerated bottle until it has reached room temperature.

Curing Time
M-Bond 43B is about 2 hours at +375°F (+190°C).
M-Bond 600 is about 3.5 hours at +350°F (+170°C).
M-Bond 610 is about 3 hours at +375°F (+190°C).






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