MAC Reference Standards for X-ray Microanalysis

Please note: Please indicate the block size when ordering: 25mm or 32mm diameter.
Carousel configuration is supplied at an extra cost of (52.00) to the above prices. Please note that for this configuration there is a maximum of 25 standards permitted.

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MAC Reference Standards for X-ray Microanalysis

We have approximately 200 standard materials to choose from. All of our standards are suitable for electron-beam energy dispersive or wavelength dispersive X-ray microanalysis systems. All of our standards are polished to a 0.25 micron diamond finish and carbon coated. They are supplied with fully authenticated certificates of analyses and a location map for standard identification. A Faraday Cup, for accurate specimen current measurements, is available as an optional extra on all mounts. The standards are available in different sizes of brass holders:
– 25mm or 32mm diameter, containing up to 60 standards of your choice.
– Carousels, 13mm diameter blocks(to fit pin stubs), and single standards of 5mm, 3mm, 2mm diameter, are also available.
– Specials can be “tailor-made” to suit individual needs and specific stage configurations.

Customized Multielement Standards

(your choice from our Lists of Compound, pure metal, NBS, or BAS Standards).
Pure metals and compounds mounted in brass blocks


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