Methacrylic Acid, Glacial


Glacial Methacrylic Acid (GMAA)    is an with the molecular

formula C4H6O2,                    CAS 79-41-4.

GMAA is a clear, colorless liquid at room temperature with a pungent, irritating odor. It is soluble in water and most organic solvents. It is a versatile chemical which is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of methacrylic acid esters. Glacial methacrylic acid polymerizes readily. It is a carboxylic acid which may be converted by conventional method

Unit : 450 ml

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(2-Methylpropenoic Acid) CH2:C(CH3)COOH

F.W. 86.09      CAS #79-41-4           Assay: >98% Stab. with 0.25% Hydroquinone monomethyl ether

Glacial Methacrylic AcidGlacial Methacrylic Acid Chemical Structure Composition.

Glacial Methacrylic Acid Chemical Structure Composition.

Glacial methacrylic acid can be used in the production of homopolymers and copolymers. GMAA allows to decrease  the softening temperature of copolymers and reduces hardness. It provides improved adhesion and flexibility in polymers for paints and adhesives.


Storage : RT



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