Methyl Green, Certified, C.N. #DcG-10

Unit : 25g

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(Zinc Chloride Salt; Ethyl Green)
C27H35N3C12·ZnC12 F.W. 608.79 CAS #7114-03-6
Solubility: 8.0% water; 3.0% Alcohol; 1.8% Cellosolve; 3.5% Glycol; 0.0% Xylene.
– Used as a counterstain in Almann’s aniline acid fuchsin technique for mitochrondria; used in Kurnick’s Methyl Green-Pyonin stain for nuclei and cystoplasmic granules of liver cells. Marker for DNA at acid    and neutral conditions. J.B. Boyd, H.R. Mitchell, (1965) Anal. Biochem., 13, 28.
– Used for epoxy-embedded thick sections. Sievers, J. (1971).
– Basic two-dye stains for epoxy-embedded 0.3-1 micron sections. Stain Technol., 46:195


Storage : RT


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