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MicroWell Plates are used in a broad spectrum of applications, including cloning experiments, sample incubations, and in tissue culture based analytical systems. Our MicroWell Plates have excellent cell attachment. All styles are designed to be stackable and are radiation sterilized.

10µl Well Plates

They are Terasaki format plates measuring 56×82 mm and having 60 or 72 wells. Wells are shaped like inverted truncated cones, each with a working volume of 10µl. The well surface is Nunclon® treated for good cell attachment. Lids incorporate a stacking feature and are tight-fitting, which reduces evaporation.

96µl Well Plates

These plates measure 86×128 mm and come in either flat or round bottom wells. Vented lids allow for gas exchange and have condensation rings to control evaporation and retain condensate. Lids are keyed so they cannot be accidentally reversed. Plates have alpha-numeric markings on its two edges. In addition, flat bottom plates have individual well coordinates beside each well for easy well identification when using an inverted microscope. Plates also have raised well rims to provide proper attachment of adhesive sealing film.  

Number of Wells Well Shape Volume Well Culture Area cm2 Unit Per Sleeve/cs
96 Round 0.3ml 0.36 1/50
96 Flat 0.4ml 0.328 1/50
60 Conical 10µl 0.013 10/150
72 Conical 10µl 0.013 10/150

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10/pk, 50/cs, 150/cs, 50/bx, 150/pk


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