Micro-Cutting Tool Set



Standard Micro-Tool Sets (Tool size 0.5 mm diameter)

This set contains:
Tool #2: Micro-graver, 3 sided
Tool #3: Micro-chisel
Tool #4: Micro-spade
Tool #8: Micro-knife, 20 degree
Tool #13: Micro-graver, oval
Tool #21: Micro-scraper, triangular
Tool #28: Micro-scriber, carbide
MT-1: Micro-tool Handle
MT-case: Micro-tool storage case

Select your own Micro-Tool Set
All standard micro-tools (0.50 mm nominal diameter) as well as other sizes, 0.25 mm or 0.12 mm, can be selectively ordered to make up a set of your choice. Simply select the tools you desire, add the alderwood case (if the number of tools are equal or less than 8 tools) or solid walnut case (if the number of tools are more than 8 and up to 32).
If you chose the 0.25 mm diameter, tools will be shipped in a special single tool container along with a storage case and handle.


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