NEW Holey Carbon Film with a Continuous Layer of Ultrathin Carbon and Formvar Film

Continuous Layer Thickness: Carbon 1 nm, Formvar 5 nm.

Quantity : 25/box

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Support Film on grids has become a main product line for us since the demand for high quality coated grids has increased. To make your microscopy work easier and to save you a great deal of time we offer you a complete line. All of our coated grids are optically checked followed by batch testing in the EM. Packed in grid storage box. All the grids below (except for the Beryllium Support Films) are also available with the following options:
Molybdenum grids in place of Au, Cu, or Ni
As Silicone free
With ultra-thin thickness (thickness can be requested)
Extra thick thickness
NOTE: All of our film is laid on the shiny side of the grid.

NEW Continuous Ultrathin Films
The continuous ultrathin film on holey film allows for the thinnest support film that still has adequate strength to withstand specimen preparation The film (less than 3nm thick) lies across a carbon lacey film supported by a 200, 300, or 400 mesh grid. The size of the holes in the holey film differ widely from batch to batch but are generally in the range of ¼ µm to 5µm, which gives the equivalent support of at least 6000 mesh grid. Specimen material lying over the covered holes can be imaged in the TEM with practically no interference from the carbon film supporting it. This product is ideal for looking at nanotubes, virus particles and other small particulate material.

How do Nickel and Copper Grids React with Periodic Acid?

Periodic Acid + Ni

Ni-Periodate + H2

Periodic Acid + Cu

Cu-Periodate + H2

In this case you should use Gold Grids.

Technical Tips : Picking up of_carbon_film

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Cu, Ni, Au


200 mesh, 300 mesh, 400 mesh


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