Rare Earth Set

This set consists of 14 rare earth compounds dispersed onto holey carbon films (3.05mm, 400# copper grid).:



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MAC – X-ray Microanalysis Reference Standards for Transmission Electron Microscopy We offer an extensive range of fully authenticated compounds and single element standards for the calibration of energy disperse X-ray detectors that are used in conjunction with transmission electron microscopes. The standards available at present are: – Any selection from 117 Thin Film compound standards – Universal Set of 25 compound standards – Rare Earth Set – Thin Foil Standards Set for S.T.E.M.

LaF3 CeAl2 PrF3 NdF3 SmF3 EuF3 GdF3
TbF3 DyF3 HoF3 ErF3 TmF3 YbF3 LuF3

  SPECIAL ORDERING INFORMATION: – Please supply the following information when ordering: – Make and model of instrument in which standards are to be used. – Specify quantity and standard materials required. – Outer diameter of block or individual required. – Inner diameter where appropriate. – Thickness of block (5mm normally supplied). – Whether a Faraday Cup is required. – Any limitation of the x- and y- movements of the stage. – List of element Standards.

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