SEM Finder Grids type SEMF1 ( Cu, Ni, Au…)

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SEM Finder Grids These two new SEM grids are designed to aid in the identification and localization of SEM specimens when placed on standard SEM stubs. The SEMF2 allows for easy characterization and analysis of particles and suspensions. The SEMF3 uses an alpha-numeric index, allowing up to 25 predetermined specimens to be fixed and then located in a SEM.

Type SEMF1

Referring to the annular rim identifies north, south, east and west. The four quadrant markers are tapered towards the centre. 100 Radial sectors are identified by reference to decimal numbers in the annular rim and alphabet letters in the four quadrants.    

Overall Diameter 10 mm
Overall Thickness ~ 50 µm
Material Copper, Nickel or Gold


D80101-Cu SEMF1,Copper 10/vial
D80101-Ni SEMF1, Nickel 10/vial
D80101-Au SEMF1, Gold 5/vial

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Cu, Ni, Au


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