Thermotech™ “PTFE” Beakers

This product features a unique combination of a pure “PTFE” Body with a specially formulated stabilized “PTFE” Carbon base as a single molding to give the following:
– A totally inert pure “PTFE” inner surface
– Heatable to 270°C without distortion
– Improved heat transfer
All “PTFE” Beaker caps can be used for Thermotech™ “PTFE” Beakers, accordingly to its sizes

Available Options:


# Item Size ml OD
D60930-10 Thermotech 100 ml 74 mm H x 56 mm
D60930-25 Thermotech 250 ml 94 mm H x 75 mm
D60930-40 Thermotech 400 ml 112 mm H x 85 mm

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