Universal set of Thin Film Standards

These standards are supplied as fine powders that are dispersed onto holey-carbon films and are selected from the range of certified natural and synthetic compounds already in use by us to prepare bulk analysis standards.


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MAC – X-ray Microanalysis Reference Standards for Transmission Electron Microscopy We offer an extensive range of fully authenticated compounds and single element standards for the calibration of energy disperse X-ray detectors that are used in conjunction with transmission electron microscopes. The standards available at present are:

– Any selection from 117 Thin Film compound standards

– Universal Set of 25 compound standards

– Rare Earth Set – Thin Foil Standards Set for S.T.E.M.

– Thin Film Standards set for STEM

The holey-carbon films are supported by a 3.05mm copper grid (400 mesh). However, for analysis under critical conditions, we can supply alternative grid materials, such as beryllium or carbon composite. If requested, we can disperse the standards onto uncoated grids.  

Ag2Te BaSO4 Be3Al2Si6O18 Bi2Se3 CaM0O4
CaWO4 CdTe CeAl2 Cu2S FeCr2O4
GaAs Gd3Ga5O12 HgTe InP InSb
KAlSi3O8 LaB6 Li2Ta2O6 (Mg,Fe)2SiO4 Na3AlF6
Pb-Ge glass SrTiO3 TlBr ZnS ZrSiO4

SPECIAL ORDERING INFORMATION: – Please supply the following information when ordering: – Make and model of instrument in which standards are to be used. – Specify quantity and standard materials required. – Outer diameter of block or individual required. – Inner diameter where appropriate. – Thickness of block (5mm normally supplied). – Whether a Faraday Cup is required. – Any limitation of the x- and y- movements of the stage. – List of element Standards.  


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