Tissue Matrices; (TM)

The Tissue Matrix is designed to aid the basic research scientist in the free-hand dissection of a wide variety of different tissues and repeatedly slice fresh tissue at intervals as small as 1mm. The TM’s are constructed from high grade aluminum to allow for rapid temperature equilibration, ease of cleaning or sterilization and withstand the rigors of daily use.

Available Options:


Channel spacing at 1 or 2 mm intervals – see ordering table; 1mm interval product available upon request for products listed at 2 mm intervals*
Channel width is 0.3 mm
Removable end caps
Available in 3 basic configurations
Biochemical Pharmacology: The reproducible removal of small regions for biochemical analysis, such as the determination of drug and metabolite concentrations. Individual tissues may be either dissected or micropunched from slices formed.

Anatomy: Precise blocking of tissue prior to microtome sectioning
Physiology: Reproducible blocking prior to vibratome sectioning enzymatic dispersion
Overall Measurements: 90 mm L x 36 mm W x 37 mm H

Additional information


1.0mm, 2.0mm

Tissue Shape

Rectangular, V-Shaped Block, Spherical


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