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NUNC™ Brand Thernanox®, or TMX coverslips are made from a polymer (in the polyolefin family) that is highly resistant to most chemicals. Thermanox® plastic is resistant to alcohols, aldehydes, hydrocarbons, dilute acids (<10%) and dilute alkalis (<2%). TMX has limited resistance to chlorinated hydro-carbons, however, it is not resistant to concentrated acids or bases.Thermanox® plastic is a flexible, trans-parent polymer that can be sectioned using a microtome and is able to withstand high temp-eratures (temperature range -70°C to +150°C). Thermanox® coverslips are culture treated on one side for enhanced cell attachment and growth. The treated side is packaged face up toward the label.


  • Flat and remain flat
  • 0.2mm (No. 2) thickness
  • Resistant to commonly used solvents
  • Safe and easy to handle
  • Auto fluorescent in the range 380 to 545 nm
  • Thernanox® cover slips can be autoclaved at 20 minutes steam, 20 minutes dry at 120°C

Permanox plastic is nonfluorescent and may be used with most fluorescent labels. Permanox has better chemical resistance to fixation and staining solvents than polystyrene. An aqueous based mounting medium must be used when cover slipping to prevent warping.

Coverslip Treatment Test
A simple method to determine which side of the coverslip is treated is the “droplet” test. A drop of water or culture medium will spread on the hydrophilic, treated side. – If the droplet forms a bead, then the side of the coverslip is not treated. – If the droplet spreads evenly over the coverslip, the side is treated.

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