Toluidine Blue 0, Certified, C.N. #DcU-10

Unit : 50g

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(Basic blue; Methylene Blue T50 or T Extra)
C15H16N3SCl FW 305.83 CAS #92-31-9
Dye Content: approx. 85% min.
Solubility: 3.25% Water; 1.75% Alcohol; 3.5% Cellosolve; 5.5% Glycol; 0.0% Xylene
*-A general stain for epoxy thick sections. Barajas et al.(1981) Identification of renal neuroeffector junctions by electron microscopy of reembedded light microscopic autoradiograms of semithin sections. J. Ultrastruct. Res. 77: 379.Campbell, R.D., And Hermans, C.O. (1972). A rapid method for resectioning 0.5 4.0 micron epoxy sections for electron microscopy. Stain Technol. 47:115.

Storage : RT


Technical Tip : A Toluidine Blue_Basic Fuchsin Stain for GMA Embedded Tissues


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