New electron Microscopy stain substitute uranyl acetate its mixture lanthanides

more info see :  www.uranyless.com (protocoles, some samples applications and MSDS)

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UranyLess is a new Stain for transmission electron microscopy, for your ultra-thin sections or negative stains. substitute Uranyl Acetate, which has been banned from sale due to its toxicity and waste disposal problems.

UranyLess is a non-radioactive product.

It provides very good contrasts thanks to its affinity for biological material which makes it very effective.

one minute of contact is enough to contrast your sections or your spreads (deposits) of particles in negative stain.


Uranyless ready to use in aqueous solution (H2O)
pH 6.8 to 7
Long life product, RT storage
Airless bottle 30 ml, dropper to facilitate the deposit of drops only, because it fears neither air nor light!
the contrast after reinforcement with lead citrate according to Reynolds, is excellent. see for more info www.uranyless.com

  • uranyless 30 ml Airless for manual stain grids

For the use Uranyless in automate stainer grid like EM Stain by Leica or RMC  grids stainer , the Uranyless is supplied in a 200 ml bottle.

uranyless 200 ml for Leica and RMC automate grids stainer

More information visite our website www.deltamicroscopies.com

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30 ml, 200 ml, 100 ml


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