VIKEM® Vinyl Coated Lead Sheets

A soft lead sheet coated with Vikem vinyl has many uses for stabilizing laboratory equipment in water baths or any application where extra weight is needed. Small sheets are handy as a hold-down weight for note books, drawings or charts on the table top. Longer sheets may be bent into the shape of the glassware to keep them from sliding or tilting. Coated lead sheets are 0.085″ (2.2 mm) thick.

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Cat Dimensions Weight
  in mm ib gm
D64434-01 2×7 51×178 .36 163
D64434-02 4×7 102×178 .72 326
D64434-03 2×12 51×305 .62 281
D64434-04 6×16 152×406 2.47 1121
D64434-05 8×24 203×610 4.93 2238


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