X-Ray Window 300 nm thick, G-FLAT™ ( Silicon Dioxide Single 500 micron window )

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5×5 mm AND 10×10 mm SQUARE Frames
50, 100 and 200 nm thick Silicon Nitride and Silicon Oxide

Our X-Ray Windows are ideal substrates for x-ray microscopy and x-ray spectroscopy techniques.
Competitively Priced: State-of-the-art manufacturing processes and an expert engineering team allow us to offer X-Ray Windows at competitive prices. Click the volume discount buttons to see quantity discounts.
100% Made In The USA: Unlike competitors, all of our X-Ray Windows are made entirely in the USA.
Plasma Cleanable: All of our X-Ray Windows can be vigorously plasma cleaned to remove organic contamination.
Increased Uniformity: Flat, uniformly deposited films provide consistent backgrounds with low field-to-field variability and high x-ray transmission.
Silicon Nitride: Low-stress LPCVD Silicon Nitride membranes are mechanically strong and well-suited for high temperature and differential pressure environments.
G-FLAT™ Silicon Oxide: Proprietary wrinkle-free G-FLAT™ Silicon Oxide membranes are well-suited for correlative optical and x-ray microscopy and analyses requiring a nitrogen-free background.

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Select 10×10 mm frames are also available


Silicon Oxide G-FLAT™ X-Ray Windows
– 310 micron thick frame
– SiMPore’s unique G-Flat™ wrinkle-free Silicon Oxide film
Dimensions: Single 500 micron window
– Non-Porous
– Compatible with ultra-high vacuum (UHV) applications

SiMPore’s G-FLAT™ silicon oxide films are created by a proprietary process that uniquely results in flat, suspended silicon oxide membranes. These membranes are ideally suited for biological imaging studies, with a glass-like hydrophilic surface.

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