Aperture Grid with single 25 micron square

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5 nm, 10 nm, 20 nm, 50 nm, and MICROPOROUS



Aperture Grid
– 100 micron thick frame, fits 3 mm sample holders
– No Membrane
– (1) 25 x 25 micron window

What’s NEW?
We are offering an aperture grid with a single window – just 25 microns (+/- 5 microns).
Smaller single window grids (down to 10 microns) can be fabricated through our custom program. Please contact us for more information.

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TEM Windows handling Instructions

Explore how the Technical Properties of SiMPore’s Silicon Nitride films compare to other thin films

For examples of how these Silicon Nitride TEM windows can be used, please see Featuread Publications

– Competitively Priced: state of the art manufacturing processes and an expert engineering team allow us to offer Silicon Nitride solutions at competitive prices
– Plasma Cleanable: Silicon nitride grids can be vigorously plasma cleaned to remove organic contamination, unlike carbon grids
– Increased Uniformity: reduced field-to-field variability
– Tolerates temperatures >1000C: supports use in environmental TEMs where dynamic processes are observed at high temperatures
– Withstands harsh deposition & chemical conditions: provides an ideal balance of imaging resolution and mechanical strength
– Incorporates LPCVD, low-stress (~250MPa), non-stoichiometric silicon nitride: provides flat, insulating and hydrophobic surfaces





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