grille indexée (finder)

Grille indexée ou Finder

Application: Asbestos ou microscopie correlative

127 um pitch
um open space

Copper   (or Nickel ask)


  • Alphanumeric numbering isl ocated beside the working area for easy reference.
  • “V” shaped rim notch aids in orientation
  • Shiny side and dull side of grid for easy visualization of working surface.
  • *Hole width is average of 101 um +/- 2 um with a class-leading 4% standard deviation
  • Line widths are thick and thin to improve open space and orientation.
  • Letters/numbers very readable but not intrusive into 4 surrounding working squares.
  • 65+ % transmission
  • 10 um grid thickness, 3.05 mm standard grid size.
  • Available routinely in Copper, also in Nickel if requested.
  • Very smooth and square lines due to our special plating technique.
  • Used in many of the world’s asbestos testing labs as well as research labs.
  • All grids thoroughly cleaned and checked before packaging.
  • AHERA calibratedgrids also available.


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