Asbestos Analysis Index Grid ( Cu, Ni)

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Asbestos Analysis Index Grids
Our unique index grids for all of your microscopy work. These grids are manufactured in the strictest accordance to meet AHERA requirements.
The grids are available in either copper or nickel and there are 100 grids/vial.


Mesh 200 Line/”
Pitch 125 microns
Bar Width 10 microns +/- 2 microns
Hole Width 115 microns +/- 2 microns
Overall Diameter 3.05mm
Index Identification Horizontal: A-J , Vertical: 1-10
EMS logo in RIM

Cut out in RIM

allows for precise repeat location and aids in side diffetentiation


DG200EMSIND-Cu Asbestos Analysis Index Grids, copper 100/vial
DG200EMSIND-Ni Asbestos Analysis Index Grids, Nickel 100/vial

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Cu, Ni


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