BEEM® Specimen Block Storage System 2000®

Are your bench-tops and drawers crowded with petri dishes and pillboxes full of various sized specimen blocks?
Have you been spent hours to look for a block for re-sectioning?
Do you wish you could neatly catalog, file and store all of those blocks in one convenient place?

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If you answer yes to any of those questions, now you can organize and safely store all of your
specimen blocks with the newly introduced BEEM® Specimen Storage System 2000®

The system consists of four newly designed Blocklock® storage modules (#69956, #69957, #69958, #69959) and a Covered Mounting Panel (#69950) that fits in a standard “D-Type” 3-ring binder (optional) – A 1-inch binder will accommodate two Covered Mounting Panels, and 1.5-inch binder accommodates three Panels.

Each Blocklock module has an adhesive backing which when exposed permits it to be permanently mounted on any grease-free surface.

All Blocklocks can be inserted in a Plastic Protective Box (EMS #69956-B & 69958-B, #69957-B, and 69959-B) or, by utilizing the adhesive feature, mounted in combination with other Blocklock modules on the BEEM® mounting panel (EMS #66950). This new Storage System 2000 permits blocks size “00”, size “3”, and BEEM® flat embedment to be indexed, combined under one cover along with any associated data sheets, and stored upright in 3-ring binders, on the shelf, at your reach for ready reference.

This system is infinitely expandable to high or low volume block storage. The choice is yours

Capsule Blocklock Storage Modulesarrow101. Capsule Blocklock Storage Modules

Incorporate an innovation that allows blocks to snap into cavities specially designed to retain them so they cannot be inadvertently dislodged. Number and letter identify each cavity. Available with three configurations:

  • Model 2006 measures 2⅞” L x 2″ W x ¼” H (74 x 50 x 8 mm); accommodates 12 size “00” blocks
  • Model 2007 measures 4⅝” L x 3½” W x 5/16″ H (117 x 90 x 8 mm), accommodates 40 size “00” blocks
  • Model 2008 measures 2⅞” L x 2″ W x ¼” H (74 x 50 x 6 mm), accommodates 20 size”3″ capsule blocks
Blocklock Storage Modules Model 2009arrow102. BEEM® Blocklock Storage Modules Model 2009

is the same features as Capsule Blocklocks. Measures 2⅞” L x 2″ W x ¼” H (74 x 50 x 8mm), accommodates 20 BEEM® flat blocks. (BEEM® flat embedding mold, EMS #70904-01

NOTE:Do to the rectangular shape of a BEEM® flat embedment; it must be inserted into the cavity in a Blocklock module #69959 as follows:

Introduce the front of the block at a slight angle into the rear of the cavity and gently push it forward until it nests in the recess.

BEEM Blocklock Storage Boxesarrow103. BEEM® Blocklock Storage Boxes

Heavy-duty, two tone plastic boxes are supplied with indexed, translucent labels, which can be applied to the top or bottom of the box.

  • Box #69906-B and #69908-B are the same size and are two-tone blue/clear. Overall measurement: 3″ (L) x 2⅛” (W) x ½” (H) (78 x 54 x 13 mm)
  • Box #69957-B is two-tone blue/clear. Overall measurement: 4¾” (L) x 3¾” (W) x ½” (H) (120 x 94 x 13 mm)
  • Box #69959-B is two-tone black/clear. Overall measurements are the same as #69956-B and #69958-B
BEEM® Mounting Panelarrow104. BEEM® Mounting Panel

With clear cover is designed to accept both Blocklock Storage Modules and BEEM® original Dial-A-Grid (EMS #71148) and Block Storage Modules (EMS#69922), which can be attached to the panel using double sided adhesive tape. Grid storage boxes from other manufacturers may be attached this way also if they do not exceed ⅜” in height.

The panel inside measures: 10⅝” (L) x 7½” (W) x ⅜” (H) (270 x 190 x 12mm). The overall measurement is 11 ⅜” (L) x 8 ¾” (W) x 9/16″ (H) (290 x 225 x 22mm)

Ordering: Note: Blocklocks and their Storage Boxes are sold separately.

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