EM-Tec FS20 box with 10 x Ø25.4mm pin stubs in SB3 storage tubes (no tabs)


The EM-Tec field and lab sampler kits consist of a pin stub, a mounted EM-Tec high purity adhesive carbon tab and an EM-tec SB type storage tube. The pin stub with the adhesive carbon tab are stored in the cap of the storage tube. To protect the adhesive carbon tab against contamination, the carbon tab remains covered with a protective foil (remove plastic cover prior to use). The EM-Tec sampler kits are also available with a non-conductive adhesive tab.
The EM-Tec sampler kits are ideal for collecting powders, fibers, fragments, small particles, etc. on the adhesive, conductive carbon tab for subsequent analysis with SEM/EDS system or with a light microscope.

Application fields for EM-Tec SEM field sampler kits are:
– Asbestos analysis
– Environmental and forensic sampling
– Collection of fibres
– Particle sampling
– Collection of paint chips or glass fragments
– Collection of filter residues
– Powder samples
– Gunshot residue (GSR) collection

Sampling is best done with the pin stub still in the plastic cap; remove the protective plastic cover from the adhesive tabs just before use. Replace the clear tube directly after sampling. For placing the pin stubs in the SEM, it is highly recommended to use the EM-Tec SEM pins tub grippers which are specifically designed to handle the pin stubs.


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