EM-Tec R4 top reference holder for 4x Ø30mm/1-1/4inch metallographic mounts, pin



The EM-Tec top reference holders ensure the same focus conditions for the SEM and same take-off angle for the X-ray analysis system the for all mounts in the holder. They have been designed for SEM/EDS/WDS analysis on multiple metallographic and petrographic mounts. The mounts are placed against three reference lips and secured with screws from the side. It is intended for the larger analytical SEMs with a large SEM stage. Made from vacuum grade aluminium with stainless steel screws. One of the positions can be used to hold a calibration standard with pure elements and/or known compounds.
There are three top reference holders for metallographic or petrographic mounts of different sizes:

EM-Tec R4 top reference holder for four of the Ø30mm or 1-1/4” (Ø32mm) mounts
Optional adapter sleeves for Ø 25mm or 1” mounts are available for this holder. The EM-Tec R4 top reference holder consist of two parts: top with reference lips and base with screws to push the mounts. The maximum sample height is 20mm. The mounts are secured with screws and can be pushed up with screws in the base. If reduced height metallographic mounts or thin samples are used, Ø25mm spacer discs can be used to ensure that the mounts are pushed against the reference lips. Pushing from the base allows for small angle adjustment if the polished surfaces of mounts are not perfectly perpendicular to the sides. The EM-Tec R4 holder can also be used without the base on the EM-Tec stage adapters with an M4 screw.


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