(GMA), Glycol-Methacrylate, Low Acid

Unit : 450 ml


(2-Hydroxyethyl methacrylate monomer, inhibited;HEMA) C6H10O3 F.W. 130.14 CAS#868-77-9 Specific Gravity: 1.07 b.p. 67°C Inhibited with approximately 330ppm MEHQ A water soluble monomer. Storage : RT MSDS Technical Tip : Preparation of Glycol Methacrylate Methods for preparing standardized glycol methacrylate (GMA) based embedding media for use in light microscopy in a rational, precise and reproducible manner are described. The application of these procedures resulted in a versatile, low toxicity GMA embedding medium. Please refer to: Reference: P. O. Gerrits, B. Eppinger, H. V. Goor, and R. W. Horobin. (1991). A Versatile, Low Toxicity Glycol Methacrylate Embedding Medium for Use in Biological Research, and for Recovered Biomaterials Prostheses. Cell & Materials. 1: 189-198.


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