Grids / grilles 100 mesh ( SS,Ti,Mo…) – Square Mesh -EMBRA Grids

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3.05 mm diameter, 16* thickness for meshed, and 50* thickness for oval hole grids.

Material: Copper (Cu), Nickel (Ni), Gold (Au), Stainless Steel (SS), Titanium (Ti), Molybdenum (Mo), Aluminum (Al)

EMBRA electroformed grids combine a high open area with a rigid construction which allows for relatively easy handling. We offer these grids in a series of hard to find materials, which are not available from other manufacturers. They are as follows: Stainless Steel (SS), Titanium (Ti), Molybdenum (Mo), and Aluminum (Al)

Square Mesh Embra Grids

Type Cat# Open Area Packed
100 mesh DE100-SS


DE100-Ti 65% 25/vial
DE100-Mo 65% 25/vial
DE100-Al 65% 25/vial
200 mesh DE200-SS 50% 25/vial
DE200-Ti 50% 25/vial
DE200-Mo 50% 25/vial
DE200-Al 50% 25/vial
300 mesh DE300-Ti 40% 25/vial
DE300-Mo 40% 25/vial
DE300-Al 40% 25/vial

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SS, Ti, Mo, Al


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