Grids / grilles 50 Mesh ( Cu ) – square Mesh – Athene


EMS is pleased to now offer the Athene range of grids, renowned for decades for the highest quality standards, exceptionally refined grid bars, and good handling characteristics.

3.05mm diameter, 0.7 mil thickness Copper (Cu), Nickel (Ni), Gold (Au), Copper/Palladium (Cu/Pd=CP)


Square Mesh

3.05 mm diameter
Material: Copper (Cu), Nickel (Ni), Gold (Au)

Square Mesh Athene Grids


Mesh Cat# Packed Pitch (µm) Hole (µm) Bar (µm)
50 DA50-Cu 100/vial 450
150 DA150-Cu 100/vial 150
200 DA200-Cu 100/vial 100 27
DA200-Ni 100/vial 100 27
300 DA300-Cu 100/vial 70
DA300-Ni 100/vial 70
400 DA400-Cu 100/vial 45

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Cu, Ni, Au


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