Grids / grilles Synaptek 1x2mm slot – (NI)

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Very reliable under the electron beam- Synaptek® unflexible grids, made of a special alloy (Beryllium-Copper). Offers extreme stability for coating with support film. 4 mil thick (100µm), 3.05mm diameter, this standard 2x1mm oval slot grids are contamination free and reusable after cleaning. 0.5x2mm oval slots are also available.

NUM grids: Numbered grids are in random order. Numbers may be duplicated.

DOT grids: 2 dots are marked on one side of the grid for identification. Dots are visible to the naked eye.

NOTCH grids: A mark, stamped on one side of the grid to facilitate the handling of the grids. Notch is available with NUM or DOT grids.

GILDED grids: completely Gold-Plated grids, suitable for immunology research, autoradiography, as well as special needs.

Cat# Description Packed

DOT 2 x 1 mm slot

DS2010-NUM NUM 2 x 1 mm slot 100/vial
DS2010-ND NOTCH-DOT 2 x 1 mm slot 100/vial
DS2010-NOTCH NOTCH 2 x 1 mm slot 100/vial
DS2010-NN NOTCH-NUM 2 x 1 mm slot 100/vial
DSG2010-NN GILDED NOTCH-NUM 2 x 1 mm slot 100/vial
DS2005-DOT DOT 2 x 0.5 mm slot 100/vial
DS1808-ND NOTCH-DOT, 0.8 x 1.8 mm slot 100/vial
DS1020-NI Ni-NOTCH-DOT, 1 x 2 mm slot, Nickel 100/vial
DS1500-DOT DOT, 1.5 mm hole 100/vial
DS1500NI-DOT Ni-DOT, 1.5 mm hole, Nickel 100/vial
DS1500MO-DOT Mo-DOT, 1.5 mm hole, Molybdenum, Thickness of 75µm (3 mil) 25/vial

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