Magnetic Disc Storage Boxes for AFM

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Store AFM/STM discs in a dust-free environment*
These storage boxes have a magnet base to hold the magnetic stainless steel AFM discs and magnetic AFM sample holders.
They are made of polystyrene with hinged lids.
Perfect for storaging, archiving and transporting AFM discs.

*Note: Carrier only – Discs not included


EMS Cat. # Number of Discs Inside Dimensions Color
75012-01 Holds 1-4 AFM Discs 32 x 32 x 25 mm Clear
75012-02 Holds 4-8 AFM Discs 72 x 30 x 19 mm Clear
75012-03 Holds 6-12 AFM Discs 72 x 51 x 12.5 mm Clear/Black


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