Precision Pin Vise Handle and Diamond Stylus

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This high precision pin vise handle is machined from the finest material, nonrolling gold-anodized aluminum, which makes it lightweight and versatile. It comes complete with a precision drawbar for positive collets chuck clamping. It features an 8mm (0.31″) hexagonal barrel dimension by 100 mm (4″) long (overall length is 115mm fully assembled) and it has a knurled finger-grip for positive precision control for handling and tool manipulation. The vice is supplied with a standard collet chuck opening of 2 mm (0.78″) diameter and will hold a selection of our specially designed tools – and collets adapter 0.8mm (0.003″) for diamond stylus chucking. Following are Diamond Scribing Tools, with a 0.80mm (0.003″) diameter mounting shank, for use with above Precision Pin Vise and Collets

D62140-02 D62140-03 D62140-04 D62140-05 D62140-06 D62140-07

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