High Quality – Long Durability
These unique blades prove to offer higher quality sections with an elongated cutting life.

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Part# Angle Length Height Thickness Description
63058-01 35° 80 mm 8 mm 0.25 mm Universal blade. Perfectly balanced between sharpness and durability. Perfect for the sectioning of biopsies, ligament sections and soft tissue types.
63058-02 35° 80 mm 8 mm 0.25 mm Excellent durability for hard tissue types.
63058-03 30° 80 mm 8 mm 0.25 mm Blade for biopsy and extra fine sections. Very suitable for skin sections.
63058-04 22° 80 mm 8 mm 0.25 mm Ultrafine sections. Kidney and lymph nodes.
63058-05 35° 80 mm 8 mm 0.25 mm Universal blade for daily routine. Superior cutting performance and high durability. Also suitable for larger tissue samples.
63058-06 35° 80 mm 8 mm 0.25 mm Excellent for cryosectioning and ligament sections.

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