Masson’s Trichrome for Connective Tissue

Masson’s trichrome is a three-colour staining protocol used in histology. The recipes evolved from Claude L. Pierre Masson‘s (1880–1959) original formulation have different specific applications, but all are suited for distinguishing cells from surrounding connective tissue.

Sheehan and Hrapchak (1980)

For stain nuclei, agentaffen granules, collagen, cytoplasm, keratin, etc.

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Stain results:

Nuclei:   Black
Cytoplasm, Keratin, Muscle Fibers:   Red
Collagen, Mucin:   Blue
MSDS 26367-01 MSDS 26367-02 MSDS 26367-03 MSDS 26367-04
MSDS 26367-05 MSDS 26367-06 MSDS 26367-07  

Sheehan and Hrapchak: Theory and Practice of Histotechnology, St. Louis. The Moxby Company 1980, p. 190F.3 Elastic Tissue Stains


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