Modified Movat’s Stain

For connective tissue stains – Elastic tissue stains.

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Stain results:

Nuclei:   Black
Cytoplasm:   Red
Elastic Fibers:   Purple to Black
Collagen and Bone:   Yellow
Mucopolysaccharides:   Blue-Green
Muscle:   Red


MSDS 26385-01 MSDS 26385-02 MSDS 26385-03 MSDS 26385-04 MSDS 26385-05
MSDS 26385-06 MSDS 26385-07 MSDS 26385-08 MSDS 26385-09 MSDS 26385-10

Movat, H.Z.: Demonstration of all connective tissue elements in a single section. Arch Path., 60:289-295, 1955
Roman N., et al: Orcein-hematoxylin in iodized ferric chloride as a stain for elastic tissue. Stain Technology, 42:199-202, 1967

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100 m, 500 ml, 250 ml


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